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Age Restriction: No Kids

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What is a Smiling Faces Client Guide?

Smiling Faces Client Guides are the first contact clients have at the service center. Their role is crucial in helping engage clients and making them feel welcomed! Client guides are asked to commit to 4.5 hours to ensure your client receives all the service they need.

What are my responsibilities as a Smiling Faces Client Guide? 

Go to check-in table, follow signs for where your last name falls and get in line. You will be issued a BLUE wristband and will need to wear it while serving. Service Providers will wear RED and clients will wear GREEN.

After signing in, you will be paired with a client and help prepare them for registration and intake.Make sure the client has on a bright green wristband. From there, you will ask your client what services they would like to partake in and you will guide them to each station. Your role is to simply talk with them, make them feel welcomed and comfortable!

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Shift 1 Smiling Faces Client Guide

Sat, Feb 29, 2020 from 7:15am to 11:45am (CT)
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