College of Arts & Sciences


Welcome to the College of Arts and Sciences. Our distinctive combination of strong academic programs, outstanding teaching, and a diverse student body nestled in the historic and vibrant city of Birmingham make the College a unique destination for those seeking excellence in education, research, and entrepreneurship.

Our 19 departments — home to over 300 full-time faculty and more than 40 baccalaureate, master's, and doctoral degrees — make us the largest academic entity in the UAB academic enterprise. We are home to research centers, community outreach programs, and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Our goal is clear: to ensure that each of our students leaves UAB with the knowledge and tools to succeed in an expanding and increasingly complex global future.

Working together — our students and faculty, our research staff and community partners — we will provide our students and scholars the tools and resources they will need to find their place in the world.

355 People | 474 Impacts | 1,480 Hours

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