Equal Access Birmingham


EAB is a student-run free clinic that provides continuity of care to the medically underserved. The mission of EAB is two-fold:

  • to serve the uninsured and underinsured in the greater Birmingham community; and
  • to provide a meaningful, service-learning experience to augment medical education at the UAB School of Medicine.

EAB is supported by the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education of the University of Alabama School of Medicine (UASOM). Through EAB, students engage in co-curricular service-learning experiences with the underserved and vulnerable populations of Birmingham, AL. EAB exposes medical students to clinical and socioeconomic factors that contribute to health disparities, training future doctors to provide quality care for all individuals while interacting with and learning from their community. Although EAB volunteers are a diverse group and will travel on varied paths as physicians, they will always carry with them the skills, knowledge, and patient interactions they experienced with EAB. QUESTIONS: Email Karen Wang, EAB Volunteer Coordinator, at volunteer.eab@gmail.com

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