Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama



What can Girl Scouts do?

Just like you, we want to best for your girl. Girl Scouts is where she'll develop skills to take the lead today and into the future. Taking the lead doesn't just mean she'll become a future CEO, entrepreneur or congresswoman. It means she will develop into her best self and follow the path she chooses.

Whether in kindergarten or 12th grade, you want your girl to become self-confident, strong and compassionate. You want her to respect herself and others, make good decisions, be open to new challenges and use her skills and talents to make her world a better place. You want her to build strong friendships and put her values into practice in her everyday life.

Social pressure, image issues and uncertain security- there are so many potential hurdles to girls' healthy development. For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts has helped girls realize their full potential by giving them opportunities to choose experiences and then work with other girls to set and achieve their goals. Just imagine the possibilities for your girl!

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