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    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    Advocate| More for Hunger: I think it is important for us to advocate for those that are fighting against hunger and poverty. However, I think there are ways that we can prevent hunger here in the United States. Yes, I know the resources that are available for those that cannot afford meals on a daily basis like the soup kitchens that are on the airtable. But, there has to be a way to make it where individuals can get to these meals before the meals run out or the door s being closed.
    Food insecurity and chronic disease: There were a lot of chronic diseases that effect adults and children that suffer from food insecurity. Also, not getting the proper nutrients on a daily. I think it is very important to promote the sell of foods that ate affordable and high in daily nutrients.
    3 Ways a Dietician can fight Hunger: The very first thing that caught my attention with this article is the thing that I highlighted in the last article. the number one thing was increase promotion of affordable foods that are nourishing. This should be a top priority. The dietician even listed affordable foods that were packed with nutrients like chicken egg, oatmeal, peanut butter. Some of those are my favorite grab and go especially oatmeal. I truly believe that if food insecurity and the effects it have on us were made aware to some individuals then it will truly help improve some of their health issues. I think another important was the dignity in food assistance programs. If it is explained in a way then it will help some of those that do get food assistance make better selection choices when out grocery shopping.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/18/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    State of Child Obesity after many surveys it was stated that child obesity is still on the rise with Hispanic obesity rate higher than previous years. Black or African American have the highest obesity rate followed by Hispanics then white. I think that this is a problem because of the family not being able to afford a good healthy meal. Families are subjected to providing the kids with meals that they can afford.
    Sam Kass: Want Kids to learn well? Feed them well
    Sam stated that if kids have a healthy and nutritious breakfast then they will perform well. he stated that there has been research done to see what happens if they feed the children a good breakfast how will they perform. Kids overall performance became better once they were provided the food that was needed to help them not be hungry but also provided them with the fruits and vegetables. He provided a lot of facts that I did not know providing kids one good breakfast in the morning can have a huge impact on their studies and even adult life. I think everyone should watch this video.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/17/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    After reading "Advocacy for Improving Nutrition in the First 1000 Days to Support Childhood Development and Adult Health" I now know the importance of a mother receiving the proper nutrition at the beginning of conception. It stated in the article that the most active period of neurologic development occurs in the first 1000 days of life beginning at conception and ending at the start of the third postnatal year. I think that is something very important for every woman that is trying to conceive or currently pregnant It is important that the mother start out at conception getting the proper nutrients and prenatal care. The article also stated that maternal prenatal nutrition and the child's nutrition in the first two years of life are critical factors in a child's neurodevelopment and lifelong mental health. The main focus of this article was the nutritional environment of the fetus, infant and toddler.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 04/12/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    Tonight I watched the Youtube video The underlying Racism of America's food system: Regina Bernard. She stated a lot of good facts about the racism in America food system. She recruited undergrad students to help her locate and survey the food trucks in New York, she stated that those food trucks should not be the only option for food in the neighborhood. She also went and researched a lot of Super Markets and the type of produce were sold at the store.
    I also read 11 Facts about Hunger in the U.S. this article stated that In America hunger is caused by poverty and financial resources at both the national and local levels. So if hunger is caused by this then why min wage is still at $7.25. I think that if min wage is raised then it would help a lot with food insecurities. Financial resources should be determined and those that does not have the financial resources to afford food for everyone in the home then that household needs assistance. Out of all the states in the U.S only 8 states have a high food insecurity rate. What are those 8 states doing different than the rest of the U.S to help fight hunger. Alabama was third out of the 8 states at 18.1%.
    Another article that I read tonight was Food Security and why it matters. That article was wrote in the year of 2016 and in that article it stated that the demand for food will be 60% greater than it was when it was written. I think the pandemic played a major role in the increase of food insecurities.
    I have been reading these articles and doing outside research on how we can help fight hunger in the United States. This is important to me because in the same article it stated all the health concerns associated with children not getting the proper daily meals. There got to be a way to get the resources that are available out to those in need.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/08/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    I read the article Hunger Alabama. I thought it was very interesting that in the state of Alabama 1 in 6 people face hunger and 1 in 5 children face hunger. Out of all the households in Alabama that receive SNAP 47.6% have children in the home. I think that there should be some type of way to make sure that the children are getting the proper nutrition and food on a daily basis in the state of Alabama. It would take a lot of research but it could be done to make sure that needs of our children are being met.
    I also read Facts About Child Hunger in America. It stated in this article that as many as 13 million children in the United States live in food insecure homes and that this was mild. I did not think this was a mild condition and anybody that think 13 million food insecure children is mild, I see why we have a problem with food insecurities now.

    Gave 1.00 hour on 04/07/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    I read and researched the article 1 and 6 Adults, 1 in 4 children struggle with hunger in Alabama ADPH says. it stated that 23% children and 17 adults % suffer from food insecurities in Alabama. That number doubled during the pandemic. I can believe this because of the qualifications to be eligible for assistance such as SNAP does not help everyone. I think that some of the benefits need to be revised so that does suffering from food insecurities can be helped.
    I also read Developing a National Research Agenda to Support Healthy Food Retail. This article was interesting where the focus was on the promotion of unhealthy and healthy eating. It was stated in the article that businesses promote unhealthy foods more than healthy foods. I wonder why is that?

    Gave 2.00 hours on 04/06/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    Today I was able to read the article about Hunger us a health issue for older adults. Out of all the articles that I have read to date, this article really sparked my attention. I began to do research on how can he as social workers help with food insecurities in older adults. This population is already a vulnerable population. It was stated in the article that older adults are eligible to receive SNAP benefits. However, not all older adults are taking advantage of this benefit. How can we get this knowledge out to our older adults to help them with these food insecurities. It also stated in the article that older adults experience negative mental and physical conditions due to food insecurities that causes other health concerns such as hypertension. depression, CHF, and gum disease just to name a few. How can we as social workers help these individuals make sure they are getting the proper nutrients and correct daily calorie intake?

    Gave 1.30 hours on 03/30/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    I learned a lot about how children were still able to receive free lunches during COVID-19. Free lunches are still being offered until 6/31/2022

    Gave 1.00 hour on 03/29/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    I was able to log into Perusall and listen to three different articles. "Food Insecurity and Pediatric Obesity: Double whammy in the Era of COVID-19."
    "The social Nutrition and meal cost Study-I: Overview of Findings related to Improving Diet Quality Weight and Disparities in U.S Children and Policy Implications" -this article was filled with a lot of information one thing that stood out to me was no matter the location of the school, all school serve healthy breakfast and lunches.
    "Strengthening the Impact of USDA's Child Nutrition Summer Feeding Programs During and After the COVID-19 pandemic

    Gave 2.00 hours on 03/28/2022 with The University of Alabama at Birmingham, SW 422L Practice II Lab (422L)
    End Child Hunger in Alabama

    Charlotte Goodman from The Salvation Army of the Shoals returned my phone call and gave me the updated information needed for those seeing meals to come and get them. She stated that volunteers are needed and welcomed and also taking donations at this time. Information updated.

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